Do you have a gap in your smile that you wish to fill with straight, beautiful teeth? If so, Dr. Gilbert Fernandez is overjoyed to grant your wish with dental bridges!

A dental bridge in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is made of two or more dental crowns that are placed over the remaining natural teeth on both sides of the gap. Between the crowns are false teeth that fill your smile and improve your appearance. A dental bridge has the ability to restore your smile, maintain the shape of your face, and prevent the remaining natural teeth from drifting out of place. It can also restore your ability to properly chew and speak again as well as distribute the forces in your bite that you need every day.

The process of installing a dental bridge requires two visits to Gilbert Fernandez, D.D.S., Inc.. First, it will begin with your dentist trimming the surfaces of your natural teeth to allow room for the crowns. When they are the correct size and shape, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and will send them to a dental lab where your bridge will be created. Between your first and second visits, you will be given a temporary bridge to give you the functionality you need while you wait. Your second visit will involve your dentist checking and adjusting the bridge to make it fit perfectly in your mouth. Once he finds the perfect placement, the bridge will be permanently cemented into place.

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