Toothbrush Maintenance

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When was the last time you gave serious thought to your toothbrush? If you are like most of us, you probably haven’t thought much about it at all. To be honest, there isn’t much to your toothbrush. You don’t need a great deal of training to use it, and there are no moving parts. Be that as it may, there are still some things you need to consider when it comes to your toothbrush.

For example, how long have you had it? Many people have a favorite hammer, screwdriver, pot, pan or spatula, but if you have a long history with your toothbrush, it needs to come to an end. And by long history, we mean three months or more. If your toothbrush you have had your toothbrush that long, or if it the bristles are worn or flattened, it is time for a new one, Children tend to brush with more energy than adults and they may need new brushes sooner than grown-ups.

To clean your toothbrush, simply rinse it under warm water until you have removed the food debris. If you boil or microwave your toothbrush, or run it through the dishwasher, you may damage the bristles. If you soak your toothbrush in an antibacterial solution, don’t let it soak for more than 15 minutes, or damage to the bristles could occur.

When you aren’t using your toothbrush, store it upright where the air can dry it. If you cover your toothbrush, bacteria, and even mold can grow on the bristles. Toothbrushes should be stored away from one another to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria between people. A toothbrush should be replaced if someone becomes ill.

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