Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Dental Crowns

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If you have suffered extensive damage due to an oral accident or injury, it may be repaired with a comprehensive procedure in the form of a dental crown. Dental crowns can even be crafted in as little as a single day and be placed on top of existing teeth or implants to provide an improved look and added functionality. For additional benefits of dental crowns, see the following list:

– Dental crowns can be used to concealed previous restorations in the form of implants, bridges, or even root canals. They can also add an additional level of durability and support.

– Dental crowns are extremely durable and can often be placed for added protection for anywhere from 2 decades up to a lifetime of use.

– Dental crowns are most often used to support weak or broken teeth that have been damaged. They can even be used in situations where a tooth has shattered into bits.

– Dental crowns are extremely effective for use when no other treatment options are usable. In some situations, crowns can save a tooth from extraction.

– Dental fillings should always be placed in teeth that have cavities. However, in some situations, there may not be enough tooth remaining to hold a filling on its own. In situations like this, dental crowns can bind the tooth and filling together.

– Dental crowns are often used to repair irregular shapes, curvatures, or color.

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