Help Your Child Overcome Teething Pain

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Treating teething in your children is important because the process of teeth growing in can often be painful for their mouths. Help your child overcome teething with the following tips:

– Various treatment kits that can be used to help treat teething in children include using cool or damp materials gently pressed against your child’s gums, such as gauze pads, small spoons, cold utensils, teething rings, and even your finger if it has been disinfected.
– As soon as teeth begin to erupt above the surface of the gums, teething treatments should be implemented to help your child.
– Various signs and symptoms that your child may be teething include signs of irritability, excessive fussiness, issues and abnormalities with sleeping, a loss of appetite, and even drooling more than usual.
– If your child displays any extreme symptoms, such as fevers, rashes, and diarrhea, call their pediatrician as soon as you can.

Your child’s pediatrician can help you find which teething treatment will best suit your child’s needs best. Dr. Gilbert Fernandez and our team would love to see your child at our pediatric office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 505-898-8063. We will be glad to help your child achieve the results they need.