Replacing Your Teeth With a Partial Denture

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If you are missing one or more consecutive permanent teeth in a row, you may want to consider a partial denture!

A partial denture is a removable, durable, as well as reliable appliance that fills the gap in your smile and replaces your missing teeth. It is made with a pink, gum-like base, and it has beautiful false teeth attached to the bottom or top, depending on if you have a upper denture or lower. When you place the appliance, you will simply put it into the gap of your mouth and will clasp it to the remaining natural teeth on both sides. This will help keep it in place.

Here are a few things you can expect when deciding to improve your oral health with a partial denture:

· The appliance may feel awkward and bulky when you first begin to wear it. This is completely normal. Eventually, you will become accustomed to wearing it and it will feel completely natural.

· You will need to practice removing as well as inserting the appliance because it may be a tricky task at first.

· Your dentist will give you specific instructions on when, where, and how long to wear the denture. Dr. Gilbert Fernandez will also explain how to care for your denture and he will ask you to refrain from biting down on the appliance when first putting it into the mouth.

· Eating might be a bit difficult at first, but it should get better with a bit of practice. Simply start by eating small, soft foods and then gradually move your way up to large, solid foods as time passes by.

· Speaking might also be difficult, which is completely normal. All you need is a little bit of practice. Simply read out loud throughout the day and repeat words that are difficult to say. These things will help your tongue become more familiar with the appliance.

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