Smile Care: The Proper Ways to Brush and Floss

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Did you know that there are right and wrong ways to brush and floss your teeth? Well, it’s true, and our Gilbert Fernandez, DDS, Inc. team asks you to properly brush and floss your teeth each day so you can completely care for your smile and avoid dental issues. To help you know exactly how to brush and floss, your dentist, Dr. Gilbert Fernandez, has provided the following guidelines:

How to brush:

1. When you get ready to clean your teeth, hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gumline.

2. Apply just enough pressure to the brush that you can feel the bristles against the teeth and gums, but don’t apply too much pressure that it squishes the bristles.

3. Scrub the outer, inner, and top surfaces of each tooth. As you do so, use a short, circular motion and make sure to brush along the gumline.

4. As you brush the front teeth, hold the brush vertically and scrub with an up-and-down motion.

5. Make sure you thoroughly clean each tooth and brush for a total of two minutes every morning and every night.

6. When you are done brushing, scrub your tongue and remove the harmful substances that live there.

How to floss:

1. Start by using 18 inches of floss. Wind most of the floss around one of your middle fingers and then wind the rest around the same finger on the opposite hand.

2. Keep about 1 inch of floss between each hand. Use that section to clean between your teeth. Gently slide the floss between your teeth using a sawing motion. Please remember to use a new section of floss between each tooth.

3. When you reach the gums, curve the floss into a C and scrape it against your teeth.

4. Scrape the sides of each tooth and don’t forget to clean the back molars.

5. If your gums are tender and sensitive, this means you need to floss more. The more you floss, the better and stronger your gums will be.

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